I’m Ryan, a web developer and business consultant.

I build software and websites that help buisnesses increase revenue, reduce costs, and maximize productivity.

Built to Last

I use Ruby on Rails, JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and Vue, and other leading tools to ensure the products I deliver last and scale easily.

ROI Centric

To ensure a client receives a return on their investment in my services, I learn how the business works, identify areas where software can help, and develop solutions that improve the bottom line.


I have over a decade of experience meeting strict deadlines with established companies and small start-ups. I consider professionalism to be as important as the code for every project.


Employee management systems, sales tracking software, marketing websites, and content management systems are just a few examples of tools I can build to help organizations. Below, check out some of the custom solutions I can create to enhance a business’s web presence and improve operations.

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Beautiful Design on All Devices

I am passionate about Responsive Web Design, a technique that enables websites to adapt to any size screen so content is displayed properly on any device. Whether a user is looking at a restaurant menu or checking sales reports, RWD automatically optimizes content on a smartphone, tablet, or traditional computer.

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Database-backed Apps

Are you storing valuable data in a spreadsheet? I can transform that spreadsheet into a dynamic, easy-to-use web app that allows authorized personnel to view, update, and create entries from any device inside or outside the office.

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Content Management Systems

Whether it’s a blog or an ecommerce website, I can create a content management system that allows admins to easily write blog posts, update text, and change images.

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Data Visualization

If it isn’t measured it can’t be improved. I can build a dashboard with dynamic graphs and charts that update automatically whenever you close another sale or receive an applicaiton so your business can make data-driven decisions.

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Content Strategy

My process involves auditing a brand’s current content, comparing it to competitors’ websites, and developing a content strategy that focuses on what makes the brand unique.

Search Engine Optimization

I use techniques recommended by Google and methonds I’ve developed myself to improve a website’s natural search results, resulting in more traffic, engagement, and sales.

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Get in touch

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